World  Trade

Structured for delivery in any Country in the World and groupage services

Thanks to the efficient commercial structure, the impressive logistic machine, our warehouse of almost 5,000 square meters as well as the management of our offices in which 5 languages are spoken, we are able to support the largest players in food distribution practically anywhere in the world.


We offer customers the great opportunity to manage an artisanal product "Made in Gragnano" to be tasted by the final consumer, guaranteeing at any time the best cost / quality product / associated services ratio, respecting the best balance of commercial breakeven point.


The sale price of our Artisan Pasta di Gragnano PGI - very different from industrial Pasta - all over the world is such as to guarantee an excellent ratio with the costs invested, but above all a great perceived value. At our warehouse, in addition to goods evasion by container in FOB, or single platforms, we can also promote excellent Groupage services, at really low costs!


In short, we offer the foreign customer a wide range of choices and services, in full compliance with our corporate mission aimed at guaranteeing the highest product quality and customer satisfaction!