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"il Vecchio Pastificio di Gragnano" is very high profile Pasta PGI certified, characterized by a fine artisan production in the highest-selling formats.


An artisanal product of exceptional quality for moments of high culinary gratification!



Divided into 5 types, Long Pasta, Gragnano Classics, Penne, Short Pasta, and Tricolore.


We also produce a spectacular gluten-free artisan pasta for celiacs! Over 15 different formats of gluten-free pasta made with only corn, rice and water flours!

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Download our suggestive catalog in pdf by clicking on the image above. You will appreciate the characteristics of each single format presented in "nude image" mode in actual real sizes!

Pasta data sheet


IGP durum wheat semolina pasta


Ingredients: durum wheat semolina from extraction, water


Shelf-life: 36 months



Packaging info: packed in 4-seal high-thickness cellophane with multilingual label




Nutritional Facts (porzione 100g) Reg CE 1169/2011:


Energia              --- 1486 KJ - 350 Kcal

Grassi                --- 1 g

di cui saturi       --- 0,3 g

Carboidrati        --- 73 g

di cui zuccheri    --- 2,5 g

Fibre                  --- 1 g

Proteine             --- 13 g

Sale                   --- 0,005 g


... and also Gluten Free, for celiacs!


An artisanal proposal of gluten-free pasta, very important, characterized by over 15 shapes all bronze drawn, with subsequent slow drying.


The proposal was created to meet the increasing requests for artisan quality Pasta for Celiacs.


The ingredients are only the best selections of corn and rice flours, combined with Gragnano water. There is no presence of aggregates, thickeners, monodriglycerides that many manufacturers use. A 100% natural handmade product.



The packaging is refined, with a strong impact, with a lilac chromaticity designed to stand out on the shelf!