Our Pasta is so Special becouse...

only 100% Italian semolina from the Appulo Lucana Short Chain


very slow drying, at very low temperature, in static cells for up to 3 days


experience of 3 generations of Pasta Makers family



refined packaging that stands out on the shelf

we use water from the ancient sources of Gragnano, rich in mineral salts

only the best 100% Italian wheat semolina from the Appulo Lucana short chain

refined packaging, which takes care

of every little detail

Producers of Excellent Quality of Pasta, from 3 generations!


We produce very high quality Pasta di Gragnano PGI certified every day with the best durum wheat semolina from the short Lucanian Appulo chain, mixed only with fresh water from the purest sources of Gragnano.


Each of our formats is rigorously bronze drawn and slowly dried, up to 3 days at a low temperature!


"Il Vecchio Pastificio di Gragnano"